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Long-Term Allergy Treatment CREAM
This innovative Allergy Cream is the easiest long-term allergy treatment yet! Forget the shots, or drops - how about simply rubbing your allergy medication on your arm? 

It's easy and you want to start before cedar season is in full swing! 

Step 1: Call us 512-382-9381 to schedule an environmental allergy test that pricks that skin to test for 48 allergens local to our area. 

Step 2: Based on your results, we will custom make a topical cream for you to apply at home (2-3 times a week) that introduces the allergens to your body to allow you to build your immunity to them. 

Starting building your immunity to cedar now!
We are the first to offer this in Texas! 

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  1. FREE Vitamins & More
    FREE Vitamins & More
    Kids 12 & Under get FREE multivitamins every month and most antibiotics for FREE with a valid prescription.
  2. Medication Sync
    Medication Sync
    We will arrange all your prescriptions to be refilled at the same time. Save time and trips to the pharmacy!
  3. Diabetic Care Club
    Diabetic Care Club
    Patients with diabetes can get a FREE meter, free strips every month, compliance packaging & support from the pharmacist.
  4. Generic Drug Program
    Generic Drug Program
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